Executive Chef Victor Avila started as a dishwasher at Spaghettini in 1990, as a young man trying to find his way.  His older brothers were all experienced line cooks at Spaghettini, and talked their younger brother into helping them out. Victor the dishwasher soon became Victor the prep cook, and Victor knew right away that he had found his life’s passion. He spent countless hours searching the internet for the best Chefs in America to see what they were doing, and created his own personal Master Class in how to become a first class Chef.  It wasn’t long before Victor’s drive and God-given talent made it clear that he was destined to be our next Executive Chef.

Decades later, Victor still has a strong passion for the restaurant and anything food related.  He is extremely creative and approaches every new dish as though it’s a work of art. It is his goal to provide every guest with an unforgettable meal, and he is never one to cut corners or use anything but the very best ingredients available. He has produced two beautiful Spaghettini cookbooks, and is currently working on a third one that will be available late 2022

Victor grew up with more than his share of adversity, but it is his own life experiences that make him such a powerful leader and exceptional human being. He has put together a talented team of equally committed individuals who share his passion for excellence. He is a wonderful husband to his wife Angelina and a great father to his children. Victor loves to travel around the country searching out other top Chefs, because despite his success at Spaghettini, he never wants to stop learning.